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HWiNFO | Resizable Gauges 4.0 [Light Mode Update]

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Re: HWiNFO | Resizable Gauges 4.0 [Light Mode Update]

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Sa'Kagé wrote: March 28th, 2024, 12:55 pm Hey Ricardo,

I just upgraded from 1.0 and I am not sure, if this is intended behavior.
When the value for a gauge is too small to have at least 1 segment colored, it also disables color of texts (see pic below).

Is there a way to have static text color for flat gradient?

Edit: Actually linked the pic, not the page it is embedded in
That's normal behavior, intended to show the gauge disabled when state is 0. To fix it go to settings and change min value to something below 0, -2 or -3 should work. Next Update I'm gonna limit that behavior to when the sensor value is 0 instead of the states (colored segments). I'm also planing on letting choose between fix and dynamic text color for all designs. User will also be able to create UI themes (including changing gauges color).