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[Feature Suggestion] Windowed Mode

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[Feature Suggestion] Windowed Mode

Post by OxymoRonald »

I'm aware this in not what Rainmeter was originally intended for, but it seems a lot of people nowadays are using Rainmeter to display stats and visualizers in streams etc. At the moment that means setting up a second (virtual)monitor since OBS isn't able to grab Rainmeter.

My suggestion would be for Rainmeter to have the option to run in windowed mode (either entirely or per skin) with a customizable background color (for keying) something like this:
This way you can add Rainmeter to OBS without having to sacrifice an entire screen
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Re: [Feature Suggestion] Windowed Mode

Post by Jeff »

Oh boy here we go again

Related to Rainmeter's child windows being selectable, I still suggest that there should be an option to let users be able to alt tab to the skin, VectorConverter's RainFile.exe does just that and it's really a waste that it's not in native Rainmeter
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Re: [Feature Suggestion] Windowed Mode

Post by Yincognito »

I don't know all the details of this, but I wouldn't like skins to have form-like borders around them, personally. Regarding OBS, apart from the ability to capture working without issues in other software (e.g. MSI Afterburner), can't streaming be achieved through a 3rd party application or frameserving? Just saying / asking...