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uTorrent Collapsible Skin

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uTorrent Collapsible Skin

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I'm new to Rainmeter and I couldn't find a skin for uTorrent I liked. So I grabbed one from somewhere and some artwork from another place and edited up my own. It's a clear background all translucent. My wallpaper is a blue ocean. The text is all white and the bar green, so it should work with just about any background.

Edit: Also should note, that I have my uTorrent set up for 3 downloads at a time. While the skin supports up to 6, I only aligned 3, and I don't think anymore then that will fit into the artwork itself. Maybe someone with more knowledge could do it up, i'm uncertain. I just used the manual and these forums to customize this. Not an expert at all.

Credit to r3ginald
For the uTorrent skin

Credit to minhtrimatrix
For the Artwork.


Download link here:
Deviant Art