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Here is a destop I made for a Radio Station that I webcast.

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Here is a destop I made for a Radio Station that I webcast.

Post by bobgrosh »

I made this for the PC at WTLS in Alabama.
I webcast 22 shows per week.
Each show name is in light grey, along with the host name. When the show is in progress it lights up. Also, moving the mouse over a show name pops up a tool tip with the day and start time.

I still have more shows to add.
The walpaper is a plain grey gradiant.

The Girl is a meter. Her shadow is another meter that moves behind her depending on the time of day.

The headset wire has three heartbeats that animate during the 80's flashback show which is a call in show featuring 80's hits. Tee shirts are given away to callers who answer trivia questions.

The Schedule at the top is updated every time a show ends, so it shows the current or upcoming show at the top of the list.

On the right I just put some gnometer skins. I'll replace them with some other skins I am working on for another client when those are finished.

Rainmeter made this real easy to do, took me about 4 hours so far.
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Re: Here is a destop I made for a Radio Station that I webca

Post by santa_ryan »

This is extremely cool. Your really putting rainmeter to work aren't ya Bob (=
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