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Need Your Documentation on Latest Release (Fast)

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Need Your Documentation on Latest Release (Fast)

Post by sgtevmckay »

Ok Folks

Here's the deal.

We are actually going to have a First Full Release of Rainmeter!

But we need your help :!:

If you are using the Latest Release and have found any bugs or Issues and I mean any.
Please document these at the new forum thread "Final Testing to a full Release of Rainmeter"
We need to know if you have an issue with any thing:
  • Skins
    Version (32bit / 64bit)
    Any Issue you are finding
You must be utilizing the Latest Release to document your findings!
There will be no help offered at this Forum thread, it is for DOCUMENTATION ONLY :!:

We are very short on time, as Rainy will be returning to work in the right near future, so the faster you Document, the faster we can get Issues addressed, and the faster we will get the First Full Release out.

Come help Make Rainmeter all it can be for this release :D