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Most common screen resolutions

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Most common screen resolutions

Post by CybOrSpasm »

I did a search for Poll and Screen Resolution to see if I could get an idea of the current most common, but didnt see one. I run at 1920x1080 (42 inch Toshiba Regza) as well as a second monitor, but I know my setup is not typical. So, if I am gonna try to make some of my skins fit on other peeps monitors, I guess I better get an idea of what resolutions are most common that I need to aim for. Used to be EVERYBODY ran 1024x768, but now.. with wide screens, netbooks etc.. I am not even gonna try to guess. I was gonna make this an actual poll, but I am betting to set that up, I would have to make a list of the possible answers, and once clue. So if everyone would be so kind as to leave a quick note as to your screen res, I and possibly other skinners would appreciate it! }:]

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Re: Most common screen resolutions

Post by o0kot0o »

1280X800 Wide Laptop
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Re: Most common screen resolutions

Post by JoBu »

this is going to be a long list... you might want to google out the most common monitors re:manufacture sales.

This site shows most of the common resolution possibilities, along with netbooks, laptops, etc: Wallpapers site Just scroll down 'Ratio' to see the options.

Mine is 1600x900 btw.
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Re: Most common screen resolutions

Post by Klexur »

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Re: Most common screen resolutions

Post by jsmorley »

Actually, I don't think we need hundreds and perhaps thousands of messages posted to our forum database for this. There are web sites you can google that can provide these kinds of statistics.