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Work-around for the Auto-reset of DesktopWorkArea

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Work-around for the Auto-reset of DesktopWorkArea

Post by gtalarico »

I have been struggling for a while with the desktopworkarea(DWA)...
The DWA parameters seems to be really picky and keep reseting itself.
I am aware that it resets when you move your taskbar (I dont do that very often)... But mine also
reset EVERYTIME I "lock" my computer (which I do MANY times a day, everytime I walk away from it.).

I looked all over the internet for a solution, and the response was always: anything that causes the resolution to change (including locking the computer, winamp, etc) forces the user to have to "refresh All" or restart Rainmeter.
I have to admit I really hated having to refresh/restart rainmeter 10 times a day...

I don't really know if there is a real way to fix it, but I am happy to finally have discovered work-around.

I am basically getting my computer to "Auto-Refres All" for me by sending the bang: !RefreshAPP through the Windows Task Scheduler (everytime I login and unlock my computer

For anyone that finds themselves hitting "Refresh All" often, here is what you should do:

-Windows Key + R: type: control.exe schedtasks
-Create a new task (personally, I have created a folder for myself where I put other tasks)
-Create a new task
-For Actions: New>Start a Program> ""C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Rainmeter.exe" !RainmeterRefreshApp
-For Trigger: I Added "On working Station unlock" (You can add "every 5 minutes", on event, etc.)
-Under Settings, I put "Run a new instance in parallel" because I was afraid of the task not running because of an existing instance... not sure it it is necessary though.

That is. I figured I would share this because it has solved my problem and has made me a happier Rainmeter user.

PS: for those people using windows I highly recommend you check out this link on how to run programs without getting the UAC (user access control promt) - This is the post that gave me the idea for this work-around...
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