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RainLexer 2.20.0 (syntax highlighter for Notepad++)

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Re: RainLexer 2.20.0 (syntax highlighter for Notepad++)

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oZone wrote: April 5th, 2022, 3:04 pm Missing bangs SetWindowPosition and SetAnchor.

Missing options OnHover and DefaultOnHover.

Both options HideOnMouseOver and DefaultHideOnMouseOver are deprecated.

Also documentation for options above and are using deprecated version.

Documentation for RegValue=REG_BINARY is missing (
Damn, I use SetWindowPosition in one of my skins, but never noticed it's not colored as it should be - good catch(es)! :thumbup:

That being said, it looks all these items were recently added or adjusted in Rainmeter. I suppose the modifications to RainLexer are now done manually, so I wonder if there isn't a way to automate the process (e.g. export a list / "dictionary" of all options, bangs, sections, etc.) each time a new Rainmeter version is built, so the list can be used to either update the necessary changes to RainLexer or check against the previous list to highlight the needed adjustments, in order to avoid otherwise human omissions. Sure, the regexes or whatever that are used to color text in Notepad++ would still have to be done manually, but at least a full list of what should be done would be available as a reference (incidentally, this looks like an interesting skin project :D). If this is worth bothering with and building the "system" doesn't take more time than manually checking things, that is...
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Re: RainLexer 2.20.0 (syntax highlighter for Notepad++)

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DisableAutoUpdate= in Rainmeter.ini is not being highlighted in the 2.20.0.