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Correct me if im wrong..

General topics related to Rainmeter.
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Correct me if im wrong..

Post by Faust »

well as ive trolled the Tutorials and some other .Ini files of Skins around here
ive realized that its not that difficault as ive thought

well basicly you make a Skin visuall i mean an Image and plant there the staff you want it to View
like Cpu memory staff etc...

*if im wrong please correct me.
* and if its not the section for it then please accept my apologies, (well as ive read its an Rainmeter Discussion so o0 i dont know) xD

w8ing for your comments..
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Re: Correct me if im wrong..

Post by Alex2539 »

I can't correct you since I have no clue what you're saying. What's your point? Could you try again in proper English so I can get a better idea?