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Rainmeter Vuzes

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Rainmeter Vuzes

Post by Spafey »

Hey there guys,

I have made these Vuze skins and they've gone well :D

I am, however, having one problem. If you give them a go (assuming you use Vuze...) and run a torrent, then suddenly close Vuze, the skin will keep the torrents that WERE running shown rather than refreshing and indicating that 0 torrents are running.

TL;DR How can I make rainmeter refresh when Vuze closes?
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Re: Rainmeter Vuzes

Post by Chewtoy »

Not really. Rainmeter has no way if checking if a program is running.
Unless you can use the WindowMessage-plugin to see if it's running (sort of like how winamp/foobar-skins work). But I doubt that.
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Re: Rainmeter Vuzes

Post by dragonmage »

There actually is a way. Use that method and have a measure that checks to see if Vuze is running, it activates a similar measure (that starts disabled) if it detects Vuze running. Have the second measure refresh the skin if it detects that Vuze is not running.


Have just the first measure and have it show/hide the meters and enable/disable the measures depending on if Vuze is running or not. This is probably the more efficient method as you aren't checking measures when Vuze isn't loaded. If you are using the new beta the Group features would help a lot.