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Qsystem Skin

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Qsystem Skin

Post by burnwell88 »

Hi all ... ive just finish makeing this skin and i will sher it with you but its not readdy .......

contains: Cpu, cpu1,cpu2, Ram,Hdd C+D,Flash Disk "mine is H:" Network Upload + Download, 2Rss Readers, Lots of shortcuts on the left and some coll new ROTATORS that ive made in illustrator and photoshop :D .....

I will upload it AFTER i make some color combination like the last skin i made:


If you have any Wallpaper sugestion witch i cand mix the skin color with, post some ....

screen :

to see the animation :

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Re: Qsystem Skin

Post by Sewaged »

Nice man.