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[Solved] Change mouse over opacity with "fade in" set?

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[Solved] Change mouse over opacity with "fade in" set?

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Hi all,

I was just wondering when you have "fade in" set for the transparency, is there any way to change the opacity value for when you mouse over the object? I use the Simplicity skin, and for the sidebar background I want it to fade in to about 80% rather than solid black.


Sorry about that! I figured it out like 2 minutes after I posted this thread, lol. For anyone else wondering, I simply went to the skin's folder, opened the "" with Notepad, and then Color2 is the colour that the sidebar used to set the colour, but it was simply 3 values for the colour. I added an extra number on to the end to dictate the alpha of it, so instead of just "Color2=0,0,0", I added to the end "Color2=0,0,0,150" or whatever opacity you want.