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Synth's Simple N Clean Battery Level Indicator

Skins that monitor system information
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Synth's Simple N Clean Battery Level Indicator

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This is my first skin and it took me around 5 hours.

Special thanks to the team that compiled the documentation on how to create skins. No YouTube videos were even necessary!

My code is likely not written in the optimal way, but is neat and works. Something that was important for me to achieve with this skin was the ability to easily scale it using one variable without affecting the relative proportions and positions of the elements.

Inspired by the appearance of the "HDDFlasher_3" skin by "Ragingwasabi (ChivChong Productions)".

  • Simple and uncluttered design adhering to the Windows 10 look
  • Easily customisable with four variables for scale, background colour, font and font colour
  • Battery percentage as text and as a bar
  • Coloured dot to indicate the charging status

battery life, battery level, power level, charging, plugged in
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