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Changing Applications on Bottom bar

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Re: Changing Applications on Bottom bar

Post by JpsCrazy »

I have no idea.

I never use them, but just tested it.
Made my own notes. Saved the skin.
Refreshed. Still there. Refreshed all. Still there.

More specifics about your problem?

If you edited them, saved them, updated to Rainmeter 1.2 then tried to see your old notes, they won't be there. The new notes.ini would replace your old ones.
They would be in... a backup folder apparently.
I never located it myself, because I just edited 1 skin to have an extra decimal. But it should be there.
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Re: Changing Applications on Bottom bar

Post by Alex2539 »

If you load up Enigma Configure after updating to 1.2, it should detect the backed up files and restore the variables and the notes file to what they where before the new version was installed.