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System Information

Skins that monitor system information
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System Information

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Here is an idea I have been considering for a while, expandable skins with customizable anchor points allowing for display appearing from any of the 4 corners or mid-points of the skin. I thought of using the SysInfo plugin because it returns a lot of information for use in these skins. But these can contain any type of meters; as examples, I include a Usage and a Memory skins. 14 skins are included.
Two layouts are included: SysInfo ~ Single and SysInfo ~ Toaster.

The 'toaster' variant has the anchor visibility set to 255 which makes them look a bit like Easter eggs, so "Happy Easter" to all who celebrate.

Customizable Expansion Anchor Points
Anchor Visibility Setting
Optional Timed Unique or Random Skin Display
Additional Usage and Memory Skins

Context Menu
Center skin prior to Setting a New Anchor Point (Avoids new anchor placing the skin off-screen)
Set Anchor Point for Expansion
Edit Common Variables (Width, Text Size, Corner Radius, Anchor Alpha)
Edit Skin Variables (Colors, Scale, Title)

Toasts from the right edge of the screen using optional timer
Single Large SysInfo
Comments or suggestions welcomed.

Download Package:
System Information_1.2023.04.09.rmskin
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