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Add information to rmskin install error

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Add information to rmskin install error

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This error pops up if an unsaved file, addons, or some other file inside the skin’s folder is open when the rmskin is installed. This is particularly annoying if you’re releasing an update for your skin. The cause is other apps have some file or addon running in the background.

It would be nice to include a statement that informs the user to close any programs that may be using Rainmeter and try again.

Can we perhaps include a button on this popup if this error occurs that can attempt to automatically close the entire process tree with administrator privileges using taskkill /IM "rainmeter.exe" /T /F. Currently this error occurs and provides no reason, suggestions, or solutions to fix it.

Adding to this, here is a big cause of this error. When Rainmeter runs commands via a RunCommand measure, Command Prompt and all executables executed through RunCommand stay open in the background, causing skins to be unable to be updated.
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