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Mordasius wrote: March 30th, 2023, 2:31 am Oops. The [mTimeZonebyIP] I posted above has a dud Substitute string that will not pick up the correct TimeZone for the many places that have a xx30 UTC offset (India, Nepal, Afganistan, Iran, parts of Australia, etc.). The correct version is:

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Substitute="30":".5","45":".75", "00":"","01":"1","02":"2","03":"3","04":"4","05":"5","06":"6","07":"7","08":"8","09":"9"
Apologies.. :oops:
Yes, I started to add the half-hour correction when I was making the modifications but decided not to change it since this skin captures that data but does not utilize it. I will make the change and post an update in case anyone wants to use this method. Thanks :great: