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Weather Narrative

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Weather Narrative

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Weather Narrative
  • Displays current Condition Icon, Temp (Feels Like)
  • Temperature Tooltip with High/Low Temps, Humidity, and Pressure (Trend)
  • Left-click Temperature to open Windows Weather App
  • Condition Icon Tooltip with weather narrative text
  • Left-click Condition Icon will speak the current "" forecast
  • Middle-click Condition icon to stop narrative
  • Option to speak the narrative 1~4 times per hour or mute the Narrative
  • Scalable (0.25x~3x ~ Scroll Slowly)
  • Translatable Context, Labels, and Narrative Phrases
Speech plugin by JSMorley
TWC Weather Icons

V1.2022.12.23 Added tooltip narrative text | Modified narrative | Added middle-click on icon to stop narrative speech
V1.2022.12.22 Switch weather icons | Tweaked narrative
V1.2022.12.21 Initial version
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