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Skins change position when computer sleeps

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Skins change position when computer sleeps

Post by jgwalker »

I've just started using Rainmeter and have set up a number of skins but when my computer goes to sleep and powers down the monitors, they move around when I wake the computer.
I have a laptop attached to two monitors and the main monitor powers up more slowly than the other two. It seems that Rainmeter adapts to the layout without the main monitor and then leaves the skins in the wrong place when it comes on. I have saved a Layout and when I reapply the Layout everything is back in place. It's a bit tedious having to do this virtually every time I come back to the computer and wake it up.

Is there a way to avoid this behaviour?
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Re: Skins change position when computer sleeps

Post by SilverAzide »

jgwalker wrote: November 3rd, 2022, 1:40 pm Is there a way to avoid this behaviour?
There are probably a number of ways to avoid this. It sounds like from your description that when your PC sleeps it is changing the size of the virtual desktop. Rainmeter will try to keep your skins visible (it doesn't know that your PC is going to sleep, it just knows your desktop size has changed), so it moves them as needed. The simplest way I know to avoid this is to right-click each skin, select Settings, then uncheck Keep on Screen.

Another way is to save multiple layouts (for different screen resolutions) and auto-switch between layouts using either another skin or a utility like RainRez.

If you prefer to position your skins along a side of your screen, another option is to right-click, select Settings > Position > from Right / from Bottom. This will keep your skins placed relative to the right/bottom of the screen, even if the desktop size changes.
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