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Update terminology

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Are high and large updates the same?

High is equal to Large
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High is not equal to Large
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Update terminology

Post by JpsCrazy »

So my mindest is that a large update and high update are not the same thing.
Large update would be like 5000000, while a high update would be like 100.
And continuing on, small update would be like 100, low update would be 5000000.
Others I'm sure think large=high and small=low.

Is there any right or wrong for this?
I know you can usually figure out what the person means in context and the right and wrong really holds no real bearing, but it's just a question I had.
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Re: Update terminology

Post by Alex2539 »

I can't in good conscience vote on this because they can both be true depending on how you use the words. The problem is that just saying "high update" or "large update" does not provide sufficient context to determine the actual meaning. Instead, consider adding the words "value" and "rate". A "Large update value" would mean that you had something like "Update=100000", as would a "High update value". However, a "High update rate" would refer to the actual rate at which the skin updates rather than the direct value. This would imply that you have something like "Update=50". The same goes for "small" and "low". I usually try to do this when I mention the update, or at least give a straight value. The words are fine, you just need to make sure you provide a context for them is all.