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Please help to edit Z-position (AlwaysOnTop) of the skin

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Please help to edit Z-position (AlwaysOnTop) of the skin

Post by arthur7227 »

Hello, Rainmeter.

Can you please help or share any idea where to search / what to do.

Im using a very simple skin , which does a very simple job.
Actually, it is a small image (small part of desktop wallpaper), that is located upon the SysTray area, so it "hides" the Clock, Wi-Fi, USB and Language icons, by masking it.

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; ========= Meters ==========
To make it work properly, it has the following settings:
Click Through - enabled
Draggable - disabled
On hover - Hide
Transparency - 0

But I have a problem with its position (Z-position / AlwaysOnTop), when it comes to daily workflow.
- If I select "Topmost" : when I open Chrome, Explorer or any other app in full-screen Mode - the skin stays visible, so I see an ugly clip of image covering text / video.
- if I select "Normal" : when I open Start Menu, or Calendar, or Wi-Fi list - the skin "disappears" , and I cant bring it back until I re-load it, whatever I do, even if I minimize every window.
Ive tested the Full-Screen mode, but unfortunatelly Rainmeter does not detect full-screen view of Chrome as "Game".
And if I add chrome.exe in the list, it not works as exected, because I cant specify only fullscreen-view of Chrome.

Is it possible to somehow add any parameter into the skin code, that would solve this?
- To be visible even after launching the Calendar
- To become "hidden" when I launch full-screen Chrome


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Re: Please help to edit Z-position (AlwaysOnTop) of the skin

Post by CodeCode »

Some people who hang around here, might certainly know more, but there are plugins rainmeter uses to read from all sorts of sources - including windows and other windows features.

Have a scrambled egg and browse a bit the searches are really great for rainmeter since it is a top down script the subtleties are much fewer than like C++.
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