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[Suggestion] Built-in variable for OS Version

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[Suggestion] Built-in variable for OS Version

Post by Cariboudjan »

In my skin suite, I have several skins that will perform 1 function if the user is using Windows 10, and another if they are using Windows 11. Though I have measures in place to check and write a variable depending on which version of Windows they are using using SysInfo, I feel like this could easily enough be a built-in variable. Tons of users are now "upgrading" to Windows 11 and it is causing issues since the SysInfo variable was written before the switch. Sometimes these measures that check the OS Version fail or the user bypasses the screen containing the check during skin installation.

Example: [#PerformFunction[#WINDOWSOSVERSION]]

#WINDOWSOSVERSION# returns 7, 8, 10, 11, etc.

eg. Then you would have:


Functions will always perform the desired operation for that OS without any work from the user or the author, regardless of how the skin was installed, even if the entire skin was copy/pasted from a backup, or if the user updates their OS, etc.
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Re: [Suggestion] Built-in variable for OS Version

Post by Jeff »

I think this could be easily, Rainmeter already does it in the Platform.cpp file and in the SysInfo plugin.
Right now Rainmeter makes the distinction between Windows 10 and 11 by doing something hacky, calling a function that dosen't exist in Windows 10.
The only problem you may have is the speed at which the devs update the Platform file to acomodate new Windows 11 versions when they appear (if you wanna return the NT version, or for Rainmeter to report it correctly using the NT version number too, most Windows 11 apps report they're on Windows 10 afterall...).
Still feels like SysInfo is the semi answer for it.