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Multiple Monitors

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Multiple Monitors

Post by JJFireBlazed »

I am currently using 2 monitors with my rainmeter setup and have certain skins on one monitor and some on the other. But sometimes, I use only one monitor (my laptop), and all the skins just cram on the screen. Is there a way to change the positions of the skins when using a multiple monitor setup and when using only one? Or what would also be useful is for certain widgets to only appear when using a dual monitor setup? I'm quite new to rainmeter so help is appreciated!
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Re: Multiple Monitors

Post by SilverAzide »

This is a common question. You have a number of ways to handle this. The simplest way is to create a layout for each of your screen configurations. Here are two ideas for using layouts:
  • Use RainRez. It's a little lightweight utility that watches for screen resolution changes. When it sees your screen setup has changed, it will automatically load the layout you need. For example, if your single screen is 1920x1080, it will load a layout with the name "1920x1080". If your second monitor activates and your screen resolution changes, say to 3840x1080, then it will load that layout.
  • Create a "layout switcher" skin, or look for one someone has already created. This is typically an invisible skin that does the same as RainRez; just sits quietly checking for resolution changes. When it changes, it loads a new layout. Obviously, for this to work, the layout has to include this invisible switcher skin.
I'm sure there are other solutions as well. These are just two I thought of off the top of my head...
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