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Line numbers for errors in log?

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Line numbers for errors in log?

Post by Cariboudjan »

Just curious if Rainmeter could add the line numbers when an error is posted in the Log. It would be helpful in narrowing down exactly where to look for an error in a config that is 10,000 lines long.

Even just the [SectionName] would be helpful. Currently it seems to only show a section name if the section is a webparser.
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Re: Line numbers for errors in log?

Post by Brian »

Line numbers aren't possible since we do not keep track of every line in a skin.

Normally, for that particular log message, the section name is logged...but only if the section is a measure and it is valid. In your case, I suspect you are referencing a non-existent measure name. Maybe you are using a variable that is empty? :confused:

Code details:
Here is the code for this log message:
Specifically line #1089

The "measure" variable is the argument sent to the skin from the bang. This represents the measures name, or section name. The log message you are getting suggests that the measure variable is empty (since an empty bracket is showing in the message).