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[Troubleshooting Guide] Weather or web skins are not working

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[Troubleshooting Guide] Weather or web skins are not working

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Last update 22 November 2023.

1. Update APIKey.
Many skins are using and they rely on the API key which sometimes gets changed. Many modern weather skins will have a file or a separate skin with settings where you can change the API key. But you mostly probably will need to look around the .ini and .inc files and replace the old key with the working one.
At the moment of writing, the working API key is:
After changing the key - save the file and refresh your skin.

2. Try another weather skin.
Try this skin that is 100% working right after you install it. No configuration needed.

3. Clean Internet Cookies.
Rainmeter uses in-built into Windows internet explorer and sometimes it gets clogged. You can clean it this way:
  1. Exit Rainmeter.
  2. Press Win+R
  3. Type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.
  4. Open General tab.
  5. Find Browsing History section and click Delete...
  6. Put check mark on "Cookies and Website Data".
  7. Press Delete.
  8. Press OK.
  9. Wait a bit. Start Rainmeter. It should work again.

4. Turn on TLS 1.2 security.
For some reason you might have TLS 1.2 disabled by default. Luckily it can be easily enabled in the Internet Options.
  1. Exit Rainmeter.
  2. Press Win+R.
  3. Type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.
  4. Go to Advanced tab.
  5. Find Use TLS 1.2 and put a check mark on it (it is in Security section).
  6. Press OK.
  7. Start Rainmeter. It should work again.

5. Check if firewall is blocking Rainmeter.
Make sure Rainmeter is allowed to use internet.
On Windows 10: Settings → Windows Security → Firewall & network protection → Allow an app through firewall → you might need to click "Change setting" button first.
• If you see Rainmeter in the list but is not allowed to use internet put check marks in the box before Rainmeter and on both Public and Private connections. Click OK.
• If you don't see Rainmeter listed in the Firewall list, add it manually by clicking "Allow another program" and put all three check marks. Click OK.

6. Disable anti-virus.
If you are using an anti-virus program (e.g. Kaspersky Internet Security):
1. Try to temporarily disable it to see if Rainmeter starts to receive internet data. :
2. Try to add Rainmeter to the "white-list" or list of allowed and trusted apps.
3. Restart Rainmeter when you add it to white-list or disable anti-virus program.

7. Disable Windows Defender.
1. Try to temporarily disable Windows Defender.
2. Add Rainmeter to the list of exceptions/trusted app in Windows Defender.
3. Restart Rainmeter.

8. Disable other apps that could interfere.
Do you run any sort of VPN or other filtering apps that could interfere with your internet?
1. Temporarily disable VPN or other apps that could bother Rainmeter.
2. Restart Rainmeter.

9. Delete Rainmeter cache.
1. Navigate to C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter folder.
○ Or press Win+R → enter %APPDATA% → open Rainmeter folder.
2. Delete, Rainmeter.ini, Rainmeter.log, and Rainmeter.stats
3. Restart Rainmeter.

10. Check Proxy Server settings in Windows Internet Explorer.
You might either incorrectly configured Proxy Server settings in Internet Explorer or some app could mess with it.
1. Try to correctly configure Proxy Server settings in Internet Explorer.
2. Try to disable proxy setting and restart Rainmeter.

11. Check if your router is blocking Rainmeter.
Every router has different configuration. You will first need to out find how to access your router's login page.
1. Usually they have own Firewall rules which could be incorrectly configured.
2. If you are using wi-fi router, check if your wi-fi is in "Guest Mode" or similar which can block various connections.
3. You will probably need to restart the internet connect on the router after you change any setting. Restart Rainmeter afterwards.

12. Fixing individual skins (i.e. Mond)

13. Add Rainmeter executable to your Firewall white-list

14. WebParser is locked up
On occasion and in certain conditions when you refresh your skin too fast multiple times, WebParser migh get "locked up" in a non-functional state. It needs restarting Rainmeter. Restarting computer would not hurt too.

15. is not working in Russia and Vietnam
See the message in the following thread
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