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Zepha Skin V2 - GPU

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Zepha Skin V2 - GPU

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I'm currently using Zepha Skin V2 rainmeter skin however it doesn't come with a GPU meter. Because of this I'm having to run 2 (one load bar, one GPU info) "Custom mii system skin 2" and it doesn't match the whole setup as well as being difficult to read due to having no background behind the bar and info.

Does anyone have/or have managed to create a GPU temp and load for Zepha V2 using the data from MSI afterburner?

Or has anyone managed to add a background/box for "Custom mii system skin 2? - If i could uniform it to match would be amazing.

I've attached images of both skins I've mentioned to help explain as well as the code for both the load bar and GPU info skin.

Appreciate any help that can be given, thanks!
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