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JaxCore v5 - Celebrating it's 1 Year Anniversary!

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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JaxCore v5 - Celebrating it's 1 Year Anniversary!

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JaxCore turns 1 Year Old this week!

Happy birthday, JaxCore!

JaxCore 5 is now available to public! :rofl:

JaxCore (series) is a collection of utility modules designed to improve your desktop experience and increase your productivity. It also includes a few additional widgets to spice up your desktop.
JaxCore 5 (config hub) acts as a settings menu for all JaxCore modules, while providing continuous support for patch / feature updates. It also allows you to access other modules more quickly!

Over the year, JaxCore has received multiple UI updates and functionality updates. v5 update brings an all new home page, animated sidebar and dropdown menus to JaxCore! It also brings back the animated welcome menu and merged it with v4's!

Config active by jsMorley
File choose by Setsukka
Focus by deathcrafter18
FrostedGlass by theAzack9
Mouse by NighthawkSLO
MouseXY plugin by Fawxy
ShowInToolbar from Vector converter by theAzack9
PowershellRM by khan

Run the following command in Powershell to start the express installer

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Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression
Or download the latest .rmskin installer from the Github Repo

Deviant art post:
Github Repo:

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