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Rainmeter freezes, cannot end process...

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Rainmeter freezes, cannot end process...

Post by AtmaDarkwolf »

Since the most recent update to rain meter Sometimes (Cannot pinpoint when/why it happens) it will lock up (All meters freeze, nothing updates, cannot r-click meters, etc) and attempting to end process will do nothing (switching to details and ending process tree will end it but only after a 5-7min wait)

If one attempts to shut down or restart the system, it will hang infinitely at restarting (Have to cold-restart system)

being unable to roll-back to the previous version I had, I would like to (once again) reach out to the rainmeter community for a possible fix. (unsure when update went live, but I think I updated it about a week ago)
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Re: Rainmeter freezes, cannot end process...

Post by Alex88 »

Here are the changes in the latest release from March 23rd:
From those changes, it seems only Alt-Enter crashing or the depreciated HideOnMouseOver for OnHover would do something here.
I would start Rainmeter by Safe Start: when you first log into Windows, hold CTRL until Rainmeter normally starts, where this should show up:
Let it run in Safe Start and see if the normal illustro skins run fine. If they do, then it's related to one of the skins you'd normally have loaded.
If you think you haven't changed any of the skin's .ini files, try the first option here:
jsmorley wrote: February 27th, 2018, 7:31 pm If Rainmeter crashes, the steps to take are:
1) Goto %APPDATA%\Rainmeter and rename Rainmeter.ini to Rainmeter.ini.bak
2) Restart Rainmeter. The default illustro skins should load and all will be well.
If that doesn't work, you'll need to check skin by skin and see which one causes it to hang. Things like very fast update rates, Update/Refresh loops, or one of the plugins being weird could be what causes hangups. Another thing you can use to find changes to skins more quickly is to order the skin folder by date modified or created:
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