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[Off-topic] Windshield replacement job

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[Off-topic] Windshield replacement job

Post by alexis92 »

Hi, this is pretty off-topic but I wanted to ask if anyone here has experience with Windshield replacement for their cars? I've been looking to get one currently and I could really use some help from others who are more versed than me. Is it better to get an OEM or aftermarket windshield replacement job done?

I've been doing research and going over the options from guides like this one I found [link removed].

It seems helpful but I think I'd still prefer to hear from someone with firsthand experience about what to take under consideration as well as any potential recommendations that you may have. It'd help me out a lot.

Sorry for the off-topic post, just trying my luck really.
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Re: [Off-topic] Windshield replacement job

Post by CyberTheWorm »

maybe if we know the general are where you live, someone might be able to help.
For instance where I live, depending on why I would need the replacement I would go through my insurance and go to an OEM or an approved repair company. If it was not an insurance claim I would get the cost from an OEM and approved repair shop.
But that will only work for where I live. You might have better luck asking that on Reddit and go to the subreddit for where you live.
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