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❗❗❗ Crashing Rainmeter - April 2022 Windows Update

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❗❗❗ Crashing Rainmeter - April 2022 Windows Update

Post by SilverAzide »

This is just a public service announcement that may be of interest, especially with the upcoming patch Tuesday (May 10 2022 and earlier).

Suddenly as of today, I've gotten a number of reports all at once regarding Rainmeter crashing for users of my Gadgets suite. Another user of an older version of Rainmeter posted a similar help question just now on the forums here.

The common thread among all the reporting is:
  1. recent Windows updates, and
  2. skins that use UsageMonitor and/or PerfMon plugins.
The apparent fix for the crashing issue is to rebuild your Performance Counters database. Instructions can be found here:

Fixing problems with UsageMonitor plugin, or here:
HOW TO: Fix your Performance Counters database.

Odd spike in performance counter corruption reports seems to have abated with the passing of Patch Tuesday.
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