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Rainmeter/Sandboxie Plus issue

Get help with installing and using Rainmeter.
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Rainmeter/Sandboxie Plus issue

Post by HialeahM »


Starting with Sandboxie Plus v. 17, every time the machine is re/started, if I open Firefox sandboxed before Rainmeter loads my Clock, my black mouse pointer is knocked out and replaced with the default Windows white one. Simultaneously, the Sandboxie UI opens to the desktop, when it otherwise stays hidden in the system icon tray.

I searched a bit and there was some code to change the startup task of Rainmeter but it looks a little complicated. It's this Reddit here:

Otherwise, what I've been doing is simply waiting a few seconds until Rainmeter is finished and then open a browser. Is there anything else I can do for this otherwise minor issue? I've brought it to the Sandboxie dev's attention but he doesn't seem particularly interested--actually can't blame him.

Thanks for any thoughts and ideas. This just started happening a few weeks ago so I'm hoping it's something fixable somewhere.
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Re: Rainmeter/Sandboxie Plus issue

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This honestly does not sound like a Rainmeter issue, but perhaps something in the process isolation of Sandboxie. However, I just wanted to mention that you are free to use this piece of software that allows controlling / delaying startup items if you are not comfortable with making a scheduled task.