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Doppler Shift Visualizers
Shapes: Bars | Rays | Spheres
Visual Stereo Visualizers ~ 21 Variants
Shapes are displayed relative to the left/right channel separation and intensity
10~40 Frequency Shapes
Scroll Mouse to Change Scale
Chameleon & Customizable Color Schemes (sets of 5 colors)
Variations on a Theme (Steps through all variant of select style at regular intervals)
Album Cover with Optional Fade In & Out
Spectrum Waveline Display
Beat Center Bar

Example Pics
25 Sphere with 3 Rays
25 Bars with 3 Rays
Available Interfaces:
NowPlaying, WebNowPlaying, MediaPlayer

MouseOver Displays:
Player Controls
Volume Controls

Context Menu:
Display Option Toggles
Audio Sensitivity
Number of Shapes
Variations on a Theme

Double-Left-Click for Shapes, Audio, & Colors Settings
Scroll or click to change settings values
Doppler Shift_1.2023.02.28.rmskin
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Re: DopplerShift

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Looks cute :17good
the DA GALLERY 8-) For some Reason, the square root of X2 does not involve X