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SpectrumFFT, DeltaFFT visualizers

Media controls, music players, video and animated visualizers
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SpectrumFFT, DeltaFFT visualizers

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These visualizers are designed to live in your taskbar. (Right-click › Settings › Position › Stay topmost)


One of the first visualizers from the early days of AudioLevel has been revamped with:
  • Lots of settings to play with
  • Dynamic meter/measure generation for unlimited bands
  • 19 color scheme presets (what's your favorite?)
Download from DeviantArt

Source / How to make your own color schemes


Displays the delta (difference) between the previous and current frame of audio FFT. Features:
  • Linear and radial variants
  • Delta and decay modes
Download from DeviantArt


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Re: SpectrumFFT, DeltaFFT visualizers

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