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Disk Checking is not working correctly!!!!

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Disk Checking is not working correctly!!!!

Post by TheAslan »


I have a very annoying problem here, i boughted a new computer and then i installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 in it, and suddenly Chkdsk stopped working, i use Tuneup utilities 2010 to do it, normally i do harddisk check and then i restart my system, but now it didn't work:

I ran harddisk check with TuneUp Utilities 2010 and it asked me to restart my system to do the check, so i restarted it, and the when it started to check it but it left it to 1 second, so it never started to check the disk, and then it just went directly to my desktop without doing the check, when i restarted my system again it started to check my disk, it checked the disk and opened windows correctly, but when i did hd check again in tuneup utilities it asked me to do the start my system again and do the check again...

It keep doing this...i even installed my os again but this problem appears everytime!!!!!!!!!!!! It asks me to start my system again to do the hd check, but then it doesn't start to check it correctly, and when it starts to check my hd it asks me to start my system again to do the check again?????????

Is my harddisk broked down????

Btw..i run Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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Re: Disk Checking is not working correctly!!!!

Post by Alex2539 »

I dunno... have you tried asking at an actual tech support forum instead of a forum dedicated to a very specific form of desktop customization? We're not magical computer wizards here. If it's a serious problem, go where you're likely to get help. Maybe see if the TuneUp guys will help.
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Re: Disk Checking is not working correctly!!!!

Post by JpsCrazy »

As far as I know, Windows needs (or perhaps prefers) to do a disk check while nothing else is running, and I mean nothing, therefore needs to restart. I know the regular disk check that comes with Windows asks me to restart my computer to do the check. Maybe it's the same situation?
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Re: Disk Checking is not working correctly!!!!

Post by poiru »

Open start-menu, search for cmd, right-click on cmd.exe, select "Run as administrator".

Then type in the following and press Enter:
chkdsk /f

If it asks to check on next reboot, type in Y and press Enter. Then reboot and see how it goes.