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[bug?] Right click and more breaks depending on how many skins are loaded?

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[bug?] Right click and more breaks depending on how many skins are loaded?

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To be clear, I'm not 100% sure that this is solely an issue just within rainmeter, but it's only affecting rainmeter and I'm at a complete loss at this point, so I'm asking for help.

Within the last several days, I noticed that right clicking on skins didn't work anymore (more details below), so I set about trying to figure out what the problem was. Tried checking to see if it was a specific skin, no. Tried a fresh install, no. Tried an older version (Rainmeter-4.4-r3508-beta), no. Tried 32 bit instead of 64, no. Tried turning everything off on my computer but rainmeter, no. Tried downgrading my video drivers as I updated them a few days ago, still no. The only thing I have learned is that something related to the number of skins loaded (no matter what those skins are) seems to be breaking right click on the system tray icon first and then other things as I add more skins.

Install: latest version of rainmeter (64 bit) on latest version of win10

Issues: (Note: left click still functions normally and rainmeter never says "not responding" in the task manager while this is all happening.)

- Load 4 test skins (literally just black square images), everything works fine. Load a fifth, everything seems to be ok until I have both the manager and log window open and try to right click the tray icon. Nothing happens. I close one or the other and try right clicking the icon again to find it works again.

- Exit/restart. Load somewhere around 7-9 test skins and at some point I won't be able to right click the tray icon with only the manager window open. If I only have the log window open, it works though...?

- Exit/restart. With 9 test skins loaded, if I don't open the manager and just right click the icon first, it works fine. But, if I then open the manager and try to right click, the context menu will appear, but it will freeze on the first expanded sub folder I mouse over.

- With around 20 test skins loaded, I can't right click on the tray icon at all even with both the log and manager window unopened. I can still right click on the skins themselves with the manager window open, but once I open the log window as well, right clicking on the skins does nothing and I have to physically kill the program in the task manager to close it in order to regain some sort of right click functionality. It is also at this stage were more problems than just right clicking starts to happen:

* can click thru skin folders, but when I hit load, nothing loads and the buttons stays as load (does not change to unload); yet, if I restart the program, the skin is loaded
* can click on the active skins list, but no dropdown list appears
* can click to open the log, but no window appears
* all buttons do highlight as if they're working, they just don't do anything
* at the same time, refresh all and clicking the tabs at the top works fine

- When I load my old layout of around 50 various skins, I can't right click the tray icon, but everything appears to be working in the manager and log windows until I try to right click on a skin. After that, the manager and log windows start to open completely blank.

That's as far as I've gotten right now and I'm not sure what to do next as I really don't know what the problem could be anymore. The only other thing I can think of that might be a possibility is the windows update I did (I think) a couple weeks ago, but I can't really downgrade that to see if it's the problem or not. As I said, this is only happening with rainmeter, but it's also affecting older versions which I know didn't have this issue at the time I was using them. I just don't get how that could happen or why it only seems to dislike right clicks while everything else is largely unaffected.

Any ideas, suggestion, help, aspirin, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks always.