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Rainmeter 4.5.7 Release

Release announcements and important news from the developers.
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Re: Rainmeter 4.5.7 Release

Post by DarkAlterEgo »

Whoever it may concern:

Please forgive if I am not going about this properly, I am somewhat new to rainmeter and even more new to posting in a forum, nevertheless.. I was having issues with rainmeter not responding to mouse clicks especially right clicks..... I did basic troubleshooting and eventually ended up uninstalling. Before I installed from a fresh download of the latest .exe from i decided to run it through VirusTotal here are the results:

Please free to reach out with any questions or information.....

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Re: Rainmeter 4.5.7 Release

Post by Brian »

Thank you for the heads up, but we are aware of the false reports by these AV vendors. We have addressed them several times recently.

The long and short of it, these supposed AV vendors aren't really analyzing anything to do with Rainmeter's function, behavior, or code. They seem to be reacting directly to the name on our certificate which shares a similar name to some other piece of malware. As you can see by the results, the overwhelming majority (and mostly more reputable) of the other AV vendors do not flag Rainmeter in any way.

We are an open source project, and build Rainmeter directly on Github. Anyone can review our codebase here: