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A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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hey hello rainmeter people,

i was busy the last months to make some skins. now i want to publish a pakkage of skins.
some skins are made by rainmeter it self. other from people that posted some skins on rainmeter forum.
others i had found on diviantart. lots of documentations from rainmeter i have search for anything.
lots of stuff i have learn on stackoverflow and superuser.

some pictures i have downloaded from the internet.

what i did was renovating all the codes to my will.
i used photoshop for working with pictures. and notepad++ to work with the ini, inc and lua files.
i have writen lots of code myself too. i made a scaling option. so every skin can be scaled up to 4 times.
there is a padding system build in so you can create a invisible border around your skin.
in that way you can keep a distance between your skins.

this is the origional theme that comes with rainmeter.
rainmter origional theme.png

the time skin i added soms stuff like pm am. so i could learn what the differance is. also added up the week number. and the second visible.
most of skins i created the style so it all looks the same. other skins i made a little bit bigger. so it is more visible.
created more space between the colums of the skin.

the calculator i had made myself. just like the shortcuts and steam games.
i have thought a long time about if i will post the steam friends. that is because of the privacy thing.
with the steam chat you can not chat with people that are not your friend.
you have to fill in the user name like you want to call you friend. you have to copy the picture of your friend or you can add something you prefer.

the disk skin i have changed it to how much free space you have. because the rest i do not find important.
the network skin i have changed the ip adres. i masked the last two because i do not think it is important to know.
and if you wish you can start speedtest right from the network skin title.
there is a lot i do not have told yet. but you can find it out yourself.

this is the photo album. you can use the border the same in all other skin that i have posted.

photo album.png
Photo Album_1.4.rmskin

i have removed some skins from the package. because i did not personaly checked every line of code.
and i want that to happen. also i did not yet contacted the origional creators of some packages.
and i want that to happen too. the package that i used before where all from rainmeter forum itself.

what i also made is a dark theme for every skin i used.

dark theme.png

what i will try to do. is make a second bundle for both theme's. and add the new skins in the second package.
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