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Spotify and webnowplaying = endless errors

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Spotify and webnowplaying = endless errors

Post by Novadestin »

Hello all, I generally don't use music skins or spotify, but as I was attempting to help someone with that stuff on the reddit sub, I came across my own issue.

Steps - tested on cleartext, monstercat, and spotify control:

1. Load a music skin with webnowplaying in its code (does not matter if the skin is set to use that as the player or not)
- Cleartext produces 9 errors saying: Unable to locate GPMDP settings file, you will need to use an authentication skin to get playback controls and custom theme colors will be unsupported
- the other two skins don't produce errors

2. Open the spotify website:
- All skins produces endless errors for 3 things saying: 'Web Side Error:Error updating repeat for Spotify', 'Web Side Error:Error updating state for Spotify', and 'Web Side Error:Error updating volume for Spotify'

- the Spotify Control skin has its own endless errors related to some missing images, but I fixed that already
- I loaded a few other random skins that only had nowplaying and nothing happened
- these errors only happen with spotify's site; if I go to youtube, nothing happens (well, cleartext still gives me those 9 errors, so I guess that's unrelated?)
- rainmeter and skins are up to date

Now, to be clear, I have never used or installed spicetify and have never needed to. All of these skins were previously working just fine with simply the webnowplaying plugin and browser extension. I'm not sure when something might have changed, as I can't recall when I last loaded them for something, but based off the errors, it seems like something on the site changed and now the plugin and/or extension is freaking out? IDK.

As I said, I don't use spotify/music skins all that much, so it's not a big issue for me; but, the errors do eventually crash rainmeter and I know these skins/spotify are massively popular in the community at large, so I thought I would bring it up to see if it was a 'just me' problem or a larger one that perhaps others simply haven't noticed yet - I did find a brief mention of this in this post, but that's it.

Any thoughts, help, suggestions, etc, would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
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Re: Spotify and webnowplaying = endless errors

Post by death.crafter »

WebNowPlaying is not officially supported by Rainmeter. But it's a known problem which sprang up recently. tj, it's developer is looking into it, probably.

So, all we can do is wait I guess.
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