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[Feature Suggestion] (or PRAY for feature) Improved LINE

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[Feature Suggestion] (or PRAY for feature) Improved LINE

Post by deflore08 »

Hello! I know, i know, you are already tired from my idiotic suggestions, but i will try! :)

The purpose of LINE meter is to log measures's history and make histogram based on that. Logical aciton for that is to draw new point on each update. But sometimes it should be updated and redrawing without data change, i.g without drawing of a new points. Example? Changing transparency or position with actionTimer for example. In this case we've getting equal amounts of new point on histogram as much we apply [!Update] by AT. (or any other way, no matter).

I would (and many people, as i found today) glad to see additional option for this meter, something like: "DrawData" with 2 possible values - 0 and 1.
When value is 1, meter draws new point if updated. When 0 - doesn't. It makes possible to apply dynamic changes for histograms without data loss, if we need to do something with it and want to keep our curve correct and according measurements.

The way to manage the new option in this case it's: [!SetOption MeterLine DrawData "0"] when we need just to change color of histogram, as example, and [!SetOption MeterLine DrawData "1"] when we want to draw data again. I know, it looks like a crutch, but i am not a c++ developer and i don't know how it works inside the RM's code, it's just a newbie's vision.

Thanks for attention! I hope sometimes a cool animated histograms will become a reality!
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