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Request Help to Resolve player.ini error in Mond Skin

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Re: Request Help to Resolve player.ini error in Mond Skin

Post by jsmorley »

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Re: Request Help to Resolve player.ini error in Mond Skin

Post by balala »

BearTracks2Nowhere wrote: October 11th, 2021, 11:53 am I do realize how ignorant this makes me appear; I don't actually understand what that process entails. What is it that you are asking me to do, please?? ( I hope you will excuse my lack of knowledge - I am very new to Rainmeter )
No problem if you don't know, don't excuse yourself. And this doesn't make at all you to appear ignorant.
The solution is either to use the skin packager (see the link posted by jsmorley in his previous post) or simply use any app which can create an archive file (for instance a .zip, .rar or whatever - I suppose for first this is the simpler method). Pack the config which contains the incriminated skin (I suppose it is called Mond and its path is definitely C:\Users\Bear4137\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Mond) and upload the package either here (if it's not too large, up to 10 MB - if I'm not mistaken), using the Attachement tab below the field where you are writing your reply, or to any file hosting service. In the second case post the link here, please. As said, you can create the package with either method described above.
Two additional notes:
  • The configs are the folders contained into the Skins folder (in your case, based on the posted screenshot, the Skins folder is located to C:\Users\Bear4137\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\). These configs are containing the skins .ini file(s), along with the needed resources (images, addons, .lua script files, sounds and so on). Rainmeter identifies a skin based on its config, not on its name (so, primarily important is the name of the folder which contains the skins .ini file, not the name of the .ini file itself). There are a few additional information here.
  • If you want to quote a post, you can use the Quote button in the menu, to not have to rewrite (or copy - paste) the message you want to quote:
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Re: Request Help to Resolve player.ini error in Mond Skin

Post by death.crafter »

BearTracks2Nowhere wrote: October 10th, 2021, 11:48 am Thank you for this. The player works, and no errors show on the log when using this code, however, the progress bar does not move, and the numbers on time elapsed, and time remaining remain at zero. The progress bar simply does not work.
Hmm... Did it work before you changed things?

I don't think so. So what player are you using... If it's Spotify, you won't get the progress info unless you do some extra steps.
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