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Rainmeter breaks DAZ Studio's access to GPU (CUDA?)

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Rainmeter breaks DAZ Studio's access to GPU (CUDA?)

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Whenever I ran Rainmeter with so much as the default illustro layout, it would simply break DAZ Studio's capability to access the GPU for Iray rendering, DAZ Studio simply reverted to CPU rendering when I so much as wanted to render a standard primitive. I don't know how, but not even exiting Rainmeter, or even restarting the computer with Rainmeter removed from startup seemed to fix the issue. I needed to run DDU to remove my current GPU driver and reinstall it for DAZ Studio to be able to use Iray again.

I've uninstalled Rainmeter at the beginning of the week and haven't had a single instance of this issue since, and I've been using every other software like normal alongside DAZ Studio, so I'm 100% certain it was Rainmeter itself causing the issue.