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Mouse Lag/Stutter + Audio Crackling After Changing Loaded Files

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Mouse Lag/Stutter + Audio Crackling After Changing Loaded Files

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I've been using Rainmeter for about two years. Back when I set it up, I was satisfied with it, so I never touched any of the configurations until today.
I decided to unload some of the 'Monstercat Audio Visualizer'/Mediaplayer files, because they were outdated and I never actually looked at them anyway and- bam.
As the subject line states, as soon as I changed things around the audio from the music on YouTube I was listening to began crackling and my mouse started lagging. The entire computer seemed like it was stuttering as well, nearly crashing and even disconnecting me from the WiFi. My computer's never behaved like this before.
At this point, I figured I should restart my computer to see if it resolves the issue- didn't work. I uninstalled Rainmeter and the problem persists.
I've tried updating my drivers to see if that would be the issue, and that didn't change anything either. Task Manager doesn't show an overloaded CPU or anything as well, so after searching Google for threads related to this problem (and failing to find any) I'm completely stumped.
This PC is incredibly important to my education and career, and I'm afraid to know what would happen if this stuttering continues.
If anyone has seen this problem before, or knows what may be causing it, I'd REALLY appreciate some guidance. :?
Feel free to ask me questions, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.
Edit 1: I woke up this morning to find that the PC had been disconnected from the WiFi, and that a bug report for AMD had been generated. I'm guessing that it stuttered almost to freezing again, like I mentioned above.
I've also experimented a bit and this is what've found:
While the mouse and audio stuttering happens constantly (including as I'm typing this), it seems to get especially bad when my desktop is visible on either of my monitors. It also gets bad when I'm opening Rainmeter and navigating the interface, however that may only because my desktop is visible during that process.
Edit 2: I've also tested to see if the stutter continues when I'm ingame, so I opened up one and tried playing- it works just fine. Right now as I'm typing this part, I have GGXrd Rev 2 open in the background and the stutter is gone.
Edit: 3: I also opened OBS hoping to record my screen to show what the problem looks like, but it seems that having OBS open keeps this issue from happening as well- I closed the game and the stutter still wasn't there until I closed OBS. Now I'm REALLY confused, how can this improve if I have more processes running?? :confused:

In the meantime, until someone sees this post, I think I'm going to keep Guilty Gear open in the background to keep things stable. However, I'd much prefer a solution that restores my PC to the point it was before. Please, if there's anyone with info, I could really use a hand.