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Monitor Numbers/order changes every restart

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Monitor Numbers/order changes every restart

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Hello, about a week ago I stayed up all night try to get my new skin to work and was finally able to get it to stay the width of the monitor I had it on by changing the width with #SCREENAREAWIDTH@3# (before this the skin would auto size to fit the monitor it was currently on but I was having problems with it not starting on the right monitor after restart so I would have to move it to the right screen and press refresh to get it the right size).

Setting it fixed to the monitor I wanted it on worked through multiple restarts over the last week but today I restarted my pc and it was on my second monitor (I have 3) and set to that size. I messed around a bit and realised that if I set the screenareawidth to monitor 2 it would be set to the correct monitor. So it seems that my monitors have changed number for some reason. I presumed it was because I turn my monitors off when my computer isn't on (pc is in my room and the flashing light annoys me when I'm trying to sleep) so when I turned them on, I turned them on in the wrong order, which seemed weird because I'm sure I've done that before without any problems (the numbers and location in windows display settings show the same as normal but those have always been different numbers to what rainmeter uses so I don't think they are correlated exactly). So I restarted my pc with the monitors all on and it is again on the wrong monitor so I changed it back to what had been working for the past week and its back to normal.

I started writing this post originally asking how to fix it but while writing I fixed it myself but I still want to confirm if the monitor being powered on is the reason for the change. I presume that rainmeter gets the monitor order on startup and any monitor connected after that is added as the next number in line, which is different to what windows does if it recognises the monitor and then sets it as it's usual number.

So is this a bug/oversight by rainmeter? Should rainmeter be grabbing monitor numbers from windows each time a new monitor is connected instead of just adding it to the next available number? Also, if their is a way to set it to the right screen no matter the startup order, I would love to know or even if its possible to force rainmeter to grab current monitor sources.