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[BUG] LUA: loadstring() not working

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Re: [BUG] LUA: loadstring() not working

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SilverAzide wrote: September 11th, 2021, 3:39 pm Well, I wouldn't exactly say backwards compatibility "holds back Rainmeter a lot"; it's more like: backwards compatibility "prevents a firehose of whining and screaming on the forums and DA and every other place about 'your skin is broken!' or 'Rainmeter doesn't work!' or 'you guys suck!' or etc etc..."

If you want to experience the joy of breaking changes, just look at the 10,000 identical postings on some variation of "my weather skin stopped working!" when TWC deprecated their WXData feed.
I did not mean it like that, or suggested that it should be changed, and I completely agree with jsmorley when he says the above. It's rather just an opinion from another viewpoint. :confused:

Well, "hold back" may not have been the greatest choice of word :D
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