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Google calendar

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Re: Google calendar

Post by mrbaggins »

Sorry, I wasn't clear.

I know I can make 4 instances of the one skin to read 4 different calendars. Is it possible to make one skin that reads 4 calendars?

I guess it's really a question of how much stuff can you DO to the information once you get it.

Cal1 has Event1 on 23-June
Cal1 has Event2 on 25-June
Cal2 has Event3 on 24-June

Is there ANY way to have a skin read these two separate calendars, then print the result as:
Event 1 - 23-June
Event 3 - 24-June
Event 2 - 25-June
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Re: Google calendar

Post by poiru »

You could try that creates one feed out of multiple feeds. Don't know if it will work with Gcal, but you can give it a shot.
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Re: Google calendar

Post by tru »

I am generally clueless with this stuff but would this be of any help?