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Sphere or Hexagon visualizer

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Re: Sphere or Hexagon visualizer

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balala wrote: January 28th, 2021, 4:46 pm Generally, the lower the Update is set to, the higher CPU usage is going on a skin. An extremely small increase is going on, even on a simple skin, which has just a string meter, which doesn't even change, if the Update is decreased suficiently. but I suppose this is normal: when the Update is decreased, the measures and meters are much frequently updated, which lead to CPU usage increase.
Yes. What I meant though is that in the context of a visualizer, several factors cumulatively influence (i.e. increase) the CPU usage of Rainmeter:
- certain values set on the options of the AudioLevel measures in the visualizer skin (the manual mentions most of those)
- the number of AudioLevel parent measures in the visualizer skin
- the number of active visualizer skins
- the number of low update (i.e. "animated") active skins, besides the said visualizer
- other active or foreground external programs in the system

What this means in practice is that it's not only the fact that the skin is a visualizer that increases the CPU usage (due to it using the audiodg.exe operating system utility, having a low update, and runnning some math intesive operations in the background), but also the visualizer's particularities in terms of coding and the environment that the visualizer runs within.
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