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Action on Refresh, but not on Load

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Action on Refresh, but not on Load

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For how to do an action on Load but not on Refresh, see here.

The below will do the opposite. It will execute a command when refreshed, but unlike OnRefreshAction, it will not execute on the skin's initial load.

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;When skin is opened, the variable is written (but not set) as 0. When closed, it is reverted back to 1.
OnRefreshAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables SkinClosed 0]
OnCloseAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables SkinClosed 1]

;Below variable is 1 when the skin is closed, and 0 when the skin is open

;Below condition is always true, but is disabled until #SkinClosed# equals 0, which it will not unless it is opened, and then refreshed. Therefor, the action will only occur when a skin is refreshed, but not when initially loaded.