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Video Spotify (Beta)

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Video Spotify (Beta)

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:o Video Spotify??


Old Version:

Steps to add artists:

1- Create video
Ex: Download Youtube, Edit Sony Vegas, Export Png

2- Rename Files
Ex: ACDSee 32

3- Compress
Ex: NXPowerLite Desktop 8

4- Edit .vbs
Open with notepad, Put the name of the .bat file and rename file equal to artist name
Ex: The Beatles.vbs

5- Edit .bat
Put the name of the created folder, Ex:
set texto= folderbeatles
rename folderbeatles Effect


- Change scripts path in Spotify.ini
line 22: OnChangeAction=["C:\Users\evil_\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Effect\Music\#ARTIST#.vbs"]
- Change spotify path in Spotify.ini
line 64: LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["C:\Users\evil_\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Spotify.exe"]
- Change number of images (Default, 1798), edit Music\Effect.ini
line 10: formula=counter % ***

- The Spotify skin freezes, with certain type, both for songs and artists (Ex: "")
- If the artist name has a type that Windows don't support in its files (Ex: AC / DC)
- The video effect keeps working, being paused or closed
- If you change artists very quickly, it creates a conflict with the script, it don't manage to do the function (Solution to manually open the .vbs of the last played artists)

Includes 2 videos (Default and Boris Brejcha)