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Hello - seeking color-sensitive examples

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Hello - seeking color-sensitive examples

Post by grodwizneo »

Hi. I recently discovered rainmeter and hope to make good use of it. It seems there are two approaches to rainmeter use. In one case, people are making discrete skins to use WITH a desktop, and in other cases that are making a collection of skins that TAKE OVER the desktop. I'm really more interested in the first category, as I actually use the desktop for more than play. Are there places that one can find good examples of the discrete working-with-a-desktop skins? As a good first step, I'd like to find an example of a skin that is sensitive to background color, and adjusts itself to make itself readable. Thanks! And have fun with this!
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Re: Hello - seeking color-sensitive examples

Post by Alex88 »

Welcome - I think I see your general point, though the 'working-with-a-desktop' category I see as a wide category depending on what you want. Or to maybe start with the second point on adaptive colors, the Chameleon plugin is great for that purpose. That used effectively goes right into the 'working-with-a-desktop'.

Then I think the best thing for that is to go 'ground-up'; first choose which base info you want to have shown, and probably make your own skins to fit your desktop; can start with the basics and add from there. The Rainmeter reddit is a good place to see visual ideas: Just scrolling though the top couple right now, this , this and this I'd say are some examples of working with the desktop instead of placing things over it. All of those should be doable with only a handful of measures and meters, and then the rest of the work is fitting it to your chosen desktop and style.