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AMD Plugin

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Re: AMD Plugin

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NaliLord wrote: August 2nd, 2021, 1:50 pm Adrenalin is the latest driver architecture from AMD there is also a legacy version for older hardware. I only developed and tested the plugin for the Adrenalin version.

But a quick check, the HD 7610M is based on the TeraScale 2 MA that means it is a HD 5000 Series on desktop. Yeah, I don't think Adrenalin will work with this chip :(

But you could try the OG ATI Plugin:
Thanks for the links - much appreciated. I'll check them later on. Your plugin is already excellent, and the fact that older GPUs like mine aren't supported is not a big deal - it's not like you're the hardware manufacturer to have the manpower, finances and be able to test and support every little card out there, it's understandable. At least it's great going forward and eventually this will be all that matters. :great:
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